Saturday, December 07, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Ohio State, MSU

- Here's stating the obvious: Michigan State hasn't seen a QB remotely as good as Braxton Miller this season. At this point, he has made the Spartans' vaunted defense look very ordinary. We'll see if that trend continues in the final quarter. It appears as if it probably will, but that was a huge stop to end the third quarter.
- Whether MSU wins or loses this game, you can't help but admire the way Spartans are approaching it. Lets face it, there are times when they are simply overwhelmed by Ohio State. The Spartans do play hard. They are going for it. They are putting forth their maximum effort. Loved the way Mark Dantonio went for it late in third quarter on fourth down. Why not? Play to win rather than not lose. Great stuff.
- This game isn't over. The Spartans did stop the bleeding with three points and a solid defensive stop.


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