Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Ohio State, Michigan

- What would a Michigan game, circa 2013, be without Devin Gardner not losing a fumble? Michigan's offense has been plagued by two things which have been alarming. One is the inability to run the football, the other ball security. Again, a Gardner fumble has turned the course of a game against Michigan. Adding to the problem is Gardner tends to come unglued after turnovers. He doesn't shake them off like the better QBs do.
- The Wolverines' defense is now completely overwhelmed by Braxton Miller and the Ohio State offense. Can't say it's a surprise. But in the second half, it's been like stealing candy from a baby. Just too easy.
- Nice run by freshman De'Veon Smith. Maybe there is something there. If there is, how come we haven't seen it sooner than this?


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