Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thoughts halftime Ohio State, Michigan

- Bo and Woody would have hated this type of game, but it certainly is fun.
- I'm sure there are many people who loved the aspect of the fight, but it wasn't a good thing in any way, shape or form, in my opinion. Emotions are high, and that's a good thing, but the fight did show a bush-league aspect, especially in regard to Ohio State. Urban Meyer has a long of history of coaching players with behavioral issues. You can understand why, given that, why his players came flying off the bench onto to the field. It escalated the incident. Ohio State deserved having two players were ejected from this game. Buckeyes' offensive tackle Marcus Hall flipping off the fans as he walked off the field was another deplorable moment. I am not trying to sound na├»ve here. I understand tempers flare, but when it starts to move into thug-like behavior, its disappointing. It tends to get overlooked that these teams are representing academic institutions of higher learning, not street gangs.
- Everything about Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner has been better today than in recent weeks. He has thrown the ball with more authority and accuracy. His been much better scrambling. This is the Devin Gardner we saw early this season. Michigan fans must be hoping against hope this is the Devin Gardner they will see next season, too.
- Count me among those who thinks Braxton Miller will be an excellent NFL QB. I think he has been hurt by those who insist on comparing him to Terrelle Pryor. He is a much better passer than Pryor at this stage of his career. There don't seem to be any throws he can't make. And, as we saw near the end of the half, he is a tremendous runner.


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