Saturday, December 07, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Ohio State, MSU

-The tempo of this game is definitively favoring the Spartans. It's kind of ugly. A little boring. But that's what MSU wants. If it's a shootout, Ohio State wins. But this is like a basketball team with one team making it halfcourt game when the other wants to run. Good job by the Spartans so far.
- Ohio State has talent on defense, but you can see a lack of discipline. There was no excuse for the pass interference penalty by cornerback Doran Grant other than it was a dumb play. Same for Ryan Shazier's lighting up Jeremy Langford on a pass route in the open field, although Langford should have been flagged for retaliating, and was fortunate he wasn't. The first MSU drive wasn't especially productive, but it did take the wind out of the Buckeyes sails.
- If anybody looks uptight in this game, it is the Buckeyes. A dropped pass for a big play. Two penalties for a first down. A botched snap out of shotgun formation. The gunner taking a shot at the returnman on a punt.The Spartans have been overwhelming, but they have been mistake free.
- Neither one of these teams is build to play from behind. If State were to score touchdown to make it 10-0 in the second quarter, the Buckeyes could find it really tough.


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