Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Ohio State, MIchigan

- There is a ridiculous amount of red in the seats at Michigan Stadium today. It's even worse than in 2009, the year of Rich Rod's 5-7 team. Thing is, you won't see the opposite of it at Ohio Stadium. Makes you wonder about Michigan fans, sometimes. It's not something you'd want to paint a broad brush on, but a large segment of Wolverines' fans are of the bandwagon variety, especially those who didn't actually go there. There were tickets for sale everywhere before this game, and evidently most of them were gobbled up by Buckeyes.
- Getting a big play early in this game was absolutely huge for Michigan. Somehow, some way they got the ball in space to Jeremy Gallon. Why that hasn't happened more often is one of the great puzzles about Michigan's offense. How come Jeremy Gallon is such a huge force in some games, and disappears in others? Same with Devin Funchess. And they don't utilize freshman tight end Jake Butt enough. He is obviously talented. It all goes along with the inconsistency of Michigan's offense overall.
- The big difference between the Ohio State of Urban Meyer and that of Jim Tressel is how explosive the Buckeyes are offensively. You saw that when Braxton Miller hit Devin Smith with that long TD pass. Ohio State used to win with a plodding offense that looked like something out of the 1970s high school ranks. Now, they have all the bells and whistles to go along with the athletes.
-The pace of this game is of a shootout. It's not surprising on the Ohio State end. It is on the Michigan side. The Buckeyes don't have a great defense, but it's surprising Michigan has been able to move the ball this well.


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