Sunday, December 08, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Lions, Eagles

- What a great pass from Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson under the worst conditions possible.
- People who have been clamoring for an outdoor Super Bowl, this is just what you might get in New Jersey in February. It may have been fun for us to play in as kids, cushioning tackles, but it is not a fair test of football. It's skewed this game today.
- Obviously, a key player today will be Joique Bell. He is the Lions' mudder. The fumble was unfortunate, but running him up the middle will give the Lions their best chance.
- The snow will stop falling at some point, likely. Any team ahead at that point will have a huge edge.
- You can throw the ball in this weather, but it's short passes. Calvin Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew will have to make plays.
- The Lions look a lot better than the Eagles so far. The Eagles' offense has been terrible.
- The Lions have better offensive and defensive lines than Philly. The weather plays into their hands that way,
- Wonder why type of kicker David Akers is in the snow. Could be the biggest factor of all today.


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