Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thoughts halftime Packers, Lions

- If Aaron Rodgers were quarterbacking the Packers today, this game would be over. The Packers were 0-3-1 in their four games without Rodgers. They have a poor defense. The Lions should be throttling these guys by two TDs. But at least they have done enough, despite their three turnovers, to get in position to win this game.
- David Akers as the Lions' kicker could ultimately be their undoing.
 The Lions continue to be amazingly mistake prone. One of the big advantages the Lions have compared to their first meeting with the Packers is Randall Cobb is not playing because of injury. He has been replaced as a returner by the far-less-threatening Micah Hyde returning. So when Lions' rookie Sam Martin put a kickoff out of bounds, it set up Green Bay at the 40 anyway. A short drive later, the Packers had three points. Then Riley Reiff got burned for a sack, leading to a Matthew Stafford fumble. The Lions are averaging three turnovers, and apparently counting, in their last five games. Unreal. This game was looking like a repeat of the Tampa Bay game for awhile
- Maybe it's just me and a faulty memory, does any kicker ever miss a 54-yard field goal attempt against the Lions?
- It was a wise play by the Lions to dial up a blitz on third and six against an unsure Matt Flynn. That linebacker Stephen Tulloch got home wasn't an accident. In that spot, Flynn isn't going to risk a turnover. The Lions wouldn't dare blitz Rodgers in that situation.
- The sellout crowd here at Ford Field holds its collective breath every time Reggie Bush gets the ball. Wonder why? Ah, but Bush has played extraordinarily well since the turnover. He appears motivated by his failures, not discouraged by them. That's a very good thing. The Lions, collectively, should follow his lead. It's far more important than any team meeting they've had.


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