Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thoughts halftime Tampa Bay, Lions

- Some fans will blame TE Brandon Pettigrew for a lack of effort on the Pick 6 by Bucs' cornerback Leonard Johnson, but that's all on Lions' QB Matthew Stafford. The pass was thrown behind Pettigrew, and badly. In fairness, how was Pettigrew supposed to know the pass was intended for him?
- Having a secondary target for Stafford other Calvin Johnson is huge. I wondered if Nate Burleson, at 32, would still have much left in the tank coming off a broken leg. He does. He proved it earlier in the season before his off-the-field mishap. He is proving it again today upon his return to the field.
- The Lions' defense isn't playing poorly, but the offense needs to pick up the pace. Shortening the game like this plays in the hands of the Bucs. If this becomes a shootout, it plays into the Lions' hands. The Lions' would be wise to come out in the second half in a no-huddle offense. Right now, they looked like a fastbreak basketball team playing at a slow-down, half-court pace.
- The Lions rarely blitz their secondary. Yet, against a rookie QB indoors with the noise level high, it was appropriate. And it worked when Lions' safety Glover Quin sacked the Bucs' Mike Glennon. You'd also have to believe it had a bearing on the false penalty which followed on the ensuing play. It goes back to the point of aggressiveness. Force the issue. Right now, the Lions are sitting back too much on both sides of the ball.


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