Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thoughts after 5 1-2 innings Tigers, Red Sox Game 2 ALCS

- You have to wonder what John Farrell was waiting for. I mean there seemed to be zero chance Clay Buchholz was going to get out of the jam. Zero. His pitches had flattened out and it was as if he was throwing glorified batting practice. And the Red Sox bullpen is well rested. It's the type of thing that could cost Boston the series.
- Anybody still want Miguel Cabrera to sit out? Even at less than 100 percent, he is a tremendous hitter and has been difference maker for the Tigers in the postseason.
- Max Scherzer has been unreal tonight. He's been even better than Anibal Sanchez last night. This is one of the greatest pitching performances by a staff ever so far in a series. It's not like the Red Sox don't have quality hitters. Also, Fenway Park is a band box.
- The reality about Alex Avila is All Star season was misleading. He is an average hitter for a major league catcher and a pretty good defender who has done an extraordinary job of handling pitchers and keeping the ball in front of him in the postseason. But he does have power, although spotty, and runs into pitches at key times. He sure did tonight.


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