Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter, Bengals, Lions

- This is a very good football game between two playoff-caliber teams. The Bengals probably have the best player personnel of any team the Lions have faced this season. Their performance today is hardly a surprise. But the Lions are hanging in there pretty well.
- Tremendous catch-and-throw by Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson on the Lions' third quarter TD. Stafford has become more proficient at the back-shoulder throw, but it is not always the easiest catch to make because the ball is on top of the receiver so quickly. Johnson sure did his part by hanging onto it. The NFL QB who is the best at throwing the back-shoulder pass is Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers. He just does it over and over again, and nobody seems to be able to stop him and his receivers.
- Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton is underrated. He has an excellent group of receivers to target, and he makes the best use of them. He is having a tremendous game. Bengals' receiver Marvin Jones could be a star in the not-to-distant future. Jay Gruden, the Bengals' offensive coordinator, has kept the Lions' defensive off-balance all day with his play calls.
- Reggie Bush never should have been called for a chop block penalty. All he did was block the guy. He didn't even come close to hitting him in the knees. Brutal.


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