Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter, Indiana, Michigan

- Michigan seemed to have made a lot of progress defensively after the Rich Rodriguez years, but they have clearly regressed the last couple weeks. I keep expecting Mikel Leshoure to run the wheel route out of the backfield any minute now. This has the look of Michigan, Illinois in the Rich Rod years. Who knows, perhaps the Wolverines will eke out a two-point victory today like that 67-65 gem before the Josh Groban led swan song.
- Where has Jeremy Gallon been lately? Can he do this type of thing vs. the better teams on Michigan's schedule? He has had his best games against mediocre teams and Notre Dame, hasn't he?
- There are nothing but wide open receivers in this game. It's ridiculous. But Michigan is supposed to be over this type of crazy defenseless football. It is not.
- This is about defense today, not good offense, isn't it?


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