Sunday, October 20, 2013

My thoughts after the 1st quarter Bengals, Lions

- Chris Houston is a good football player, but not the type of corner you'd say is a shutdown corner. On the very best of the best receivers, such as Cincinnati's A.J. Green, he is going to need help from a safety over-the-top. Sometimes the Lions leave Houston alone on an island too often. It cost them an 82-yard TD play by Green in the first quarter.
- You can see where Joseph Fauria is limited to jump balls in the end zone. Matthew Stafford dropped that pass perfectly in to him in the first quarter. He just missed it. Later, Stafford threw him a jump ball. Fauria caught it. That's his thing.
- Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is an outstanding player. It's like he is on every tackle.
- I don't hear anybody complaining about Stafford throwing the ball sidearm. What a great throw on his short pass in the scoring zone to Kris Durham. He whipped it like he was second baseman turning a double play. It was also a laser accurate throw he made to Brandon Pettigrew for the TD.
- This is the first time we've seen some yards after the catch by Durham. Progress.
- The Lions' fumble return for a TD was negated by a penalty but you can definitely tell here the crowd noise at Ford Field is having a bearing on this game when Cincinnati has the ball.


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