Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tboughts halftime Indiana, Michigan

- Indiana's long pass for a touchdown in the first quarter was disturbing. Everybody knows Indiana runs a hurry-up, fast-tempo offense. Everyone knows Cody Latimer is a Indiana's most threatening receiver. There was no excuse for not being ready for the snap, nor not having bracket coverage over the top on Latimer on the play. On Indiana's second long TD pass to Shane Wynn, this one in the second quarter, there was a safety coming over the top, Jarrod Wilson. Yet, he took a horrible angle on the play. I can't recall a secondary, reputedly athletic, which plays the ball so poorly while it is in the air. And it's getting worse, not better. Heck, the Wolverines' secondary is so bad, perhaps even passing-challenged Michigan State will be able to throw the ball effectively against it.
- I know Devin Gardner has been a turnover machine, but he is an incredibly gifted quarterback. He is an exceptionally smooth runner in space and there are times when he throws the ball with outstanding form and excellent accuracy. It's just he is so inconsistent it is maddening. But a half with no turnovers? That's a good thing. Gardner played an outstanding half of football.
- It's good the Wolverines have managed to get Jeremy Gallon more involved in their offense. But I'm not sure if it isn't because Indiana is bad defensively rather than the Wolverines being good offensively.
- Dennis Norfleet's kickoff return in the second quarter was comical, for all the wrong reasons. It's not the PS. That play was part of the Wolverines' growing problem with being fundamentally sound overall.
- Hey, the Wolverines are leading by 10 points. Can't be that bad, right?


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