Sunday, October 27, 2013

My thoughts end of 1st quarter, Cowboys, Lions

- Gutsy call by Jim Schwartz to go for a TD on fourth and goal at the 2. I just wonder what took the Lions so long throw the ball to Calvin Johnson in the end zone. You could understand the runs on first or second down, but both?
- I am surprised at the pace of this game. I thought it would be kind of a shootout, but instead it's been far more defense-oriented than I expected except for the long catch-and-run by Johnson on a pass from Matthew Stafford.
- The Lions' offense looked out-of-sync on their first two drives. Johnson made the big play to key the third. The Lions offense is lacking balance. It was passes on the first drive, runs on the second.
- The Lions would be wise to take a lot of shots down field on Dallas' secondary. Not only is there a high probability of hitting on some of those plays, and the Cowboys are vulnerable in this area, but it would open up the underneath plays. Also, I feel like the Lions' would benefit from playing more uptempo, maybe going no huddle for a bit to shake things up.
- I am not suggesting Joseph Randle is as good as Demarco Murray, but it is not like there is a dramatic dropoff at RB for the Cowboys today, either. He has a good size-speed combination and is decisive while hitting the hole. A classic downhill runner.
- There are a lot of Cowboys' fans here today, but I am not sure if they are from Dallas or Metro Detroit. There are a lot of people who grew up in this area with the Cowboys as their No.1 team. The "Let's Go Cowboys" chants are annoying the Lions' fans here at Ford Field.
- Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan and head coach Jason Garrett clearly love the one-on-matchup of rookie receiver Terrance Williams vs. Lions' CB Chris Houston. They have already taken two shots with plays deep in that direction. They've also gone that way with a couple shorter routes, too. Houston is more than holding his own, though, at least so far.
- Ryan Broyles has to be 100 percent healthy if the Lions have him returning punts.
- I can see why the Cowboys like rookie safety Jeff Heath from Lake Orion. He is a very good tackler.


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