Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thoughts after 2 innings, Red Sox, Tigers, ALCS Game 5

- Miguel Cabrera is having a rough night. Horrible decision to try to score on the base hit, inexcusable error. The Red Sox have clearly adjusted to Anibal Sanchez after seeing him Game 1. They are not swinging at nearly as many pitches out of the strike zone.
- I don't why, but I always laugh when I think of "small" ball after seeing somebody like Mike Napoli hit a 450-foot home run. By the way, it ranked with balls hit into the camera well in straightaway center field hit by Cabrera and the long-forgotten Eric Munson as the longest home runs I have seen hit at Comerica Park.
- Rick Porcello could prove to be very valuable in this game for the Tigers.
- Jon Lester is the best pitcher the Red Sox have, but he does look hittable tonight. It wasn't good, though, the Tigers let him off the hook in the first inning, and even worse have fallen behind early to Lester. He's much tougher than most to rally upon, but it's impossible. If Justin Verlander were on the mound for the Red Sox, it would have been impossible. The Tigers have done a good job of making Lester work. He is averaging nearly 20 pitches per inning.
- I'm not surprised Alex Avila drove a ball deep to left field. He has power to left field. It's why I am perplexed the Red Sox present such an exaggerated shift on him, but it has worked. They almost got burned on the ball he hit in the second, though.


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