Friday, August 30, 2013

Thoughts halftime, Western Michigan, Michigan State

- I know this: If MSU coach Mark Dantonio did put true freshman QB Damion Terry into the game, which the crowd at Spartan Stadium has been chanting for, there couldn't be any drop off from Connor Cook and Andrew Maxwell. They have been underwhelming, to say the least. But like last season, it's difficult to tell if their ineffectiveness is because they are playing poorly or just the overall dysfunction of MSU's offense. The two-minute drive at the end of the half was OK, but the Spartans benefitted from two pass WMU interference penalties.
- MSU wide receiver Aaron Burbridge continues to disappoint. That was a terrible drop. Oh, and Bennie Fowler had a drop, too. Not good moments for the Oakland County duo of MSU wide receivers.
- Yeah. If I were the Spartans O coordinator and my offense was this bad, I'd resort to the "Wildcat" offense, too. Unfortunately for the Spartans, it appeared to be more like the "Mildcat" after one surprisingly good (by the standards of MSU's offense) play with tailback Jeremy Langford carrying the football.
- This is remindful of the Spartans' first half performance last year against Eastern Michigan. The rub is Western Michigan is a better team than EMU last year. In that sense, the Broncos are a bit more ominous. But still, the Spartans should win this game going away. And last year, they trailed EMU.
- You have to wonder much better Western Michigan would be doing in this game if it had Jamie Wilson, the Broncos' best receiver from last year. He is out with an ankle injury. Wilson was being viewed as a potential All-MAC player and has the genuine ability to stretch the field deep. The Broncos did connect on a one shot deep on the Spartans' defense, which has been heavy in the box near the line of scrimmage. Timmy Keith, who caught the long pass, was a three-star recruit in high school, so he has does have ability. He is coming back from injury.


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