Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thoughts at halftime, Lions, Patriots

- A lot of people might look at Willie Young's development into a decent player and think the Lions can't afford to lose him. I saw what he did tonight, after what he did last week vs. the Browns, and think maybe the Lions can't afford to keep him. That's the problem right there. There was no reason for him to touch Tom Brady or put his finger in his face or do anything other than foolishness. And that does translate into the regular season and key points of games. We've seen it over and over the last two years.
- Otherwise, the Lions' defensive line needs to impose its will during the regular season like it has tonight. Ziggy Ansah continues to impress.
- There is a downside to the Lions' lead. They have settled for three field goal tries. If they had scored touchdowns there, the first half would have been more impressive. Of course, it might have been different if Calvin Johnson were playing. But that has been one of the problems with the Lions. They have depended too much on Johnson. Reggie Bush is an obvious added weapon, but what about the wide receivers? There doesn't seem to be a lot there. Maybe somebody like Matt Willis can find his way onto the team.
- I see most of this being on the Lions' receivers, but QB Matthew Stafford has seemed out of sync this preseason.
- I'm sure they are complaining in Boston about how bad the Patriots look tonight, but there is a higher probability it will mean little when the regular season begins than it will with the Lions, who, despite their lead, look decidedly flawed in many areas.


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