Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good isn't enough when great is expected from Justin Verlander

My column:
Justin Verlander: Could be No.3 in playoffs


Blogger Fred Brill said...

It is quite the statement Pat to say that while Verlander - Cy young and MVP winner of 2011 - the guy who went half of last season with starts that expectations were plausible that he could no hit the opposition - is still having a good year in the perspective of the whole AL - but there are two others on this staff having better years.

The glass is more than half full.

And the same is true with Fielder. Half more than half full.

Of course you have to take the payroll measurement out of the equation - but my question is why is the amount they are paid even part of that equation. You are paid for what you did in the past with the hopes - reasonable or not - that you can continue to do so or come damn close.

I don't make the decision as to how much these guys get paid - let alone be the guy who signs their cheques - and no - the fans don't pay their salary - they pay only to be entertained.

Oh, and this squad also has a Miggy and a Jackson and a Hunter too.

Our glass is more than three-quarters full.

So far so good.

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