Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Lions, Patriots

- Mistakes just kill the Lions don't they? Unreal.
- Creating turnovers doesn't happen by accident. Those were big plays and a good sign. Nice hit by DeAndre Levy. He is an underrated player, in my opinion.
- The short FG miss by David Akers was bad, and he's going to hear about it, and they will come in the form for cries for Kickalious, Havard Rugland.
- Reggie Bush may finally have found the place were his ultimate potential comes through in the NFL. He is an immensely talented player if in the right fit. This appears to be it.
- The unsportsmanlike penalty on Nick Fairley was incredibly bad. After last season? After last week? He has talent, but come on. There are some issues that may hold Fairley back. Ditto for C.J. Mosely, but the Lions really more from Fairley.
- The Lions' receiving corps continues to be surprisingly underwhelming. They aren't winning the one-on-one battles in the secondary nor getting separation. With Calvin Johnson out, it's like Reggie Bush is open or nobody is open.
- Beautiful punt by Sam Martin. It was directional, inside the 10 and hung up high. No complaints there. But can he do it every week? He didn't last week and it was disappointing.
- You didn't expect the Lions' to leave Darius Slay in single coverage and not have Tom Brady pick on him, did you?
- There is a great crowd here tonight. It arrived a little late, but seats have filled up.


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