Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why Sunday's game at Green Bay is still very meaningful for the Lions

Any team goals the Lions set at the start of this season have evaporated after four straight particularly disappointing and disheartening defeats.
But the season is not over, just playoff aspirations. The Lions still have a quarter of their schedule remaining. The wrong approach would be just playing out the string.
While the Lions aren't playing for a championship any more, they are playing for more than just pride. These four games will determine whether some players will stay or go, and in some instances, whether they remain in the league.
Calvin Johnson, Lions can exorcise ghosts Sunday night
Also, we have seen in the recent past how the final four games can carry over to the next season. The Lions were in even worse shape in 2010 when they won their final four games. It did provide impetus for the following year. It's like a distant memory now, but essentially this core of players did win nine games in a row during a span covering two seasons, and while this season has been study in mistake-filled football, the Lions are capable of closely this season strongly. This isn't like the Lions of Matt Millen in which every game pretty much meant "no chance," particularly on the road. The Lions have been in every one of their games, even on the road again good opponents like San Francisco and Chicago, and when the Lions played poorly
So while Sunday's game at Green Bay is meaningless on the surface, it is an opportunity for the Lions to gain back a measure of respect they have justifiably lost. It's Sunday Night Football, which is generally the highest-rated show on all of television most weeks. It is against a top team. One of the biggest knocks on the Lions current regime is they "haven't beaten anybody." Also, what bigger ghost if there for the Lions to exorcise than Lambeau Field? They haven't won there since Herman Moore was a rookie and Matthew Stafford was learning how to walk.
A win Sunday is not going to bring back a lost season. That ship has sailed. But the Lions need to move forward as quickly as possible. Getting an improbable victory at their longstanding house of horrors Sunday would be the perfect start.


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Pat, the Lions are the best 4-8 team there is. I hope they finish 8-8, forget about the draft pick. Draft pick are not a sure thing and can get expensive.

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