Sunday, December 02, 2012

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Colts, Lions

- Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh broke through and sacked Colts QB Andrew Luck on Indianapolis' first play from scrimmage. See, it's possible. Sacks, tackles, tackles for loss...those are are the things that determine outstanding and dominating play, even for a defensive tackle. Not empty stat sheets in losses. True stars make plays. Hey, Suh made a play.
- Tight end Tony Scheffler has certainly distinguished himself lately. It does make you wonder where that has been all year (although he did make a huge play in the win at Philadelphia). Also, that was a tremendous catch by his fellow tight end, Brandon Pettigrew. The Lions' tight ends should produce a lot. The middle of the field always seems to be open the way defenses are so conscious of deep patterns because of quarterback Lion QB Matthew Stafford's arm strength and Calvin Johnson being, well, Calvin Johnson.
- Are the Lions a discernibly worse team without Titus Young right now than with him. No. If anything, they are better and it is addition by subtraction. I did talk to his father today while hosting Lions' Game Day on 97.1, the Ticket. He called in on his own accord, and was very sincere and dignified, which was appreciated. But there is really no excuse for the way his son has behaved lately. The one thing I very much agree with Young's father about is none of his issues have been criminal in nature, and should not be blown out of context in a certain sense. But Young has been hurting the team, not helping it. It's an unfortunate bottom line.
- You can see already in this game that blitzing Luck is a recipe for disaster. He is not like most rookie QBs. He makes his reads quickly and gets the ball out of his hand quickly and on target. The Lions are going to have to rely on pressure from their front four, which is a strength, and drop more defenders in coverage to try to confuse Luck a little bit, otherwise he is sure to have a big day.
- Why did Stefan Logan try to return a kickoff out of the end zone after fielding it 8 yards deep? Made no sense at all. Logan is one of the Lions' players who is clearly playing for his job next season during these final five games.


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