Sunday, December 02, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters Colts, Lions

- The Colts have no answer for Calvin Johnson. It doesn't matter if they are double-teamming him. The Lions receiving corps have been depleted. Keep throwing him the ball. What a truly great player. He may very well break Jerry Rice's single-season yardage record. And the thing is, he is still capable of playing better and may be just scratching the surface.
- Believe in halftime adjustments? So do I. The Colts evidently made some good ones, moving down the field with ease on a scoring drive to begin the third quarter. It says something good about their coaching staff, and not-so-good about the Lions staff.
- The Colts have been in the scoring zone three times in this game, and gotten a touchdown each time. The Lions have threatened far more, but have settled for field goals three times. It could ultimately be the difference in the game. It's the only reason it is still relatively close.
- The officiating in the NFL is stunningly inconsistent. There clearly should have been a personal foul penalty call on Stefan Logan's punt return late in the quarter. He was tackled five yards out of bounds. It was a textbook example of a late hit. Yet, no flag.
- This is easily Ndamukong Suh's best game of the season. Any praise for him after this game won't be hollow, like it has been at times this season, when fans and some media seemed quick to excuse his lack of production.


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