Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why the NFL was wrong to fine Ndamukong Suh

Matt Schaub: Has a bright future in soccer
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke at a charity dinner Tuesday night at Ford Field and stated the NFL didn't suspend Lions' defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for kicking Houston QB Matt Schaub in the groin Thanksgiving Day because "intent" was difficult to determine in this case.
Was it inadvertent? Many people are suspicious because Suh has gained a reputation for crossing the line for rugged play.
But he either did it intentionally or he didn't (Suh denied he did so intentionally Wednesday). If the league can't determine whether it was intentional or not, why is Suh being fined $30,000?
If it is determined he did so intentionally, kicking an opposing player in the groin would merit a suspension. If the league isn't sure, and it was just an accidental part of play, he shouldn't be punished at all (there was no flag thrown on the play.)
It's not like hockey where "he must control his stick." His foot came up while his face was buried in the turf.
Fining Suh, but not suspending him is the ultimate cop out by the league. What are they doing, appeasing Schaub, who has whined a couple times about the play after going to his knees with theatrics that were straight out of FIFA? Or the television commentators on the national broadcast, who used the opportunity to blast Suh?
While Suh's general demeanor is increasingly and justifiably becoming a source of consternation in this town (he is a living, breathing contradiction on a number of fronts, and his production on the field the last two years has hardly merited the star status he receives nationally with media and various endorsements), he either kicked Schaub intentionally or he didn't.
If intent can't be determined, he shouldn't be punished at all.


Anonymous Julie Kosmalski said...

I am so glad you wrote this blog I had the exact thought how can you fine someone that you don't suspend, I don't feel the kick was intentional he was in full motion and yes his face was buried in the turf pretty good aim I would say if he did mean to do it. I want to know where was the cup? My son plays high school football and it is mandatory to wear a cup was Mr. Quarter back not wearing one? I wish people would leave Suh alone the announcers had a field day with him and so is the media

6:32 PM 

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