Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thoughts halftime, Lions, Jaguars

- Finally, a halftime lead.
- The second quarter is indicative of what the Lions are capable of when they get on a roll. They are one of those teams that can get very hot offensively. After a mostly sputtering first-half of this season, perhaps the Lions are heating up. They have a lot of weapons on offense. They are using them all today, including getting the ball into the hands of Calvin Johnson earlier in the game. The running attack is looking better. The offensive line is playing well.
- The Lions have been exceptionally stout defensively today, but they should be. The Jaguars offense is one of the worst in the NFL, especially without running back Maurice Jones-Drew. The Jaguars have to put the ball into the hands of QB Blaine Gabbert. It's not exactly an ominous thought, is it?
- Each game Ryan Broyles contributes more to the Lions' offense. He is rapidly becoming a productive player. That was a big catch on the Lions third TD drive by Titus Young, too.
- This isn't Lions quarterback Mathew Stafford's most spectacular performance, but it is one of his more efficient. He is, simply, doing what is necessary to win this football game, and it appears no theatrics are going to be needed this time.
- If there was ever a team that needs to win in a rout, it is the Lions. The Jaguars are awful, but the Lions deserve credit for going to Jacksonville and taking care of business. It was an excellent first half.


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