Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Nebraska, MSU

- The Spartans' offense is so plodding, it's painful. That this is one of MSU's better offensive performances of the season speaks volumes about the Spartans' issues. The Spartans were baled out by a terrible call on a alleged hit out of bounds on the final drive of the quarter.
- Honestly, I have never been impressed with Spartans running back Nick Hill, but there is no question he provided an excellent change of pace today when he replaced Le'Veon Bell to start the third quarter. It keyed the Spartans go-ahead field goal.
- The Spartans defense did a wonderful job of forcing Nebraska into a 3-and-out after Bell fumbled the ball midway through the quarter. It could prove to be the turning point of the game. I still believe State's defense has been overrated this season. It was, after all, supposed to be among the best in the nation. It isn't. Too many times, it hasn't made important stops when necessary. But it is still solid.


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