Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thoughts after 1 quarter, Lions, Jaguars

- Granted, field position hasn't been in their favor, but another first quarter with no production offensively. Better starts are a necessity for the the Lions moving forward. They should be toasting this secondary. It's not that good to begin with, and is injury depleted.
- The Lions are only using Calvin Johnson in key situations. If the Lions could take a lead in this game, rather than having to come back, it would help them greatly in protecting their best player from future injury,
- The 14-yard run near the end of the quarter by Mikel Leshoure was encouraging for the Lions. The running game has been sputtering. But his slip at the end of the quarter wasn't so good.
- The defense needs to make a play or two. It has been stout, but the Lions have not been winning the turnover battle, which was so important to their 5-0 start last season.


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