Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thoughts after 1 quarter, Nebraska, MSU

- Getting a touchdown in the first quarter has been unusual for the Spartans. It was an impressive drive. There does seem to be a carryover from late in the Wisconsin game, when MSU's offense finally pulled together.
- Taylor Martinez is an explosive college QB with outstanding big-play capability, but it is more than negated by his inconsistency. That was a beyond horrible throw he made on the interception by MSU safety Kurtis Drummond. Then, he made up for it with a 59-yard run to set up Nebraska's TD. Typical.
- Nebraska's Rex Burkhead, out with a knee injury, is a terrific running back, but his replacement, Ameer Abdullach, has tremendous quickness and is definitely more threatening to the Spartans' defense in that way. He has been able to break contain to the outside a couple times already.
- There are empty seats at Spartan Stadium today, which is disappointing considering this is the first time Nebraska has visited East Lansing as a member of the Big Ten.


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