Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thoughts after 3 innings, Tigers, Giants, Game 4, World Series

Finally. Miguel Cabrera came through. Will it be too late? It might have been wind blown home run, but at minimum, it will help Cabrera save face for what has been a tough World Series for him thus far.
- The Tigers are streaky offensively, granted, but the depths they've fallen offensively in the World Series had been ridiculous.
- The bunt play by Quintin Berry was extremely dangerous. Great play by both Giants' third baseman Pablo Sandoval and first baseman Brandon Belt. Better play by shortstop Brandon Crawford on Prince Fielder. Could have been a very big inning by the Tigers.
- Tigers starting pitcher Max Scherzer has excellent movement on his fastball tonight, and has done a good job of wiggling out of jams the last two innings. The problem is typical of this series, though. The Giants are doing a good job of working the count  against him. Buster Posey helped Scherzer out a great deal by swinging at the first pitch, flyiing out to end the third inning with runners on first and third. The Tigers dont want to turn to the bullpen in this game early. It's where they are most vulnerable. They need seven innings from Scherzer.


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