Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thoughts after 1st quarter Vikings, Lions

- Great play call by Lions' offensive coordinator Scott Linehan to open the game with a long pass to Calvin Johnson down the middle of the field. Even if it had netted an incompletion rather than a 56-yard gain on a pass interference call like it did, it would be remembered the remainder of the game by the Vikings' secondary. It should open some things up for the Lions offensively.
- I don't how much of this is on special teams coach Doug Crossman, or if it is merely blown assignments by players, but it does seem like reversing field against the Lions on punt and kick returns is working at an alarming rate. Lane assignment and not allowing the returner to break contain to the outside is Rule No.1 of special teams coverage at all levels of football. The NFL is no different.
- Mikel Leshoure has surprisingly good evade skills in the open field for his size. He is running well on the edges today.
- It's about time Cliff Avril made a play.
- They are going to test Bill Bentley deep. Just the way it is in the NFL for a rookie cornerback. So far, he has hung in there pretty well.
- This is wide receiver Jerome Simpson's first game for the Vikings. They are looking for a payoff right away. I am still amazed by his leaping touchdown with the Bengals. Regardless, if his career takes off, he'll always be remembered for it.
- Where are the Lions other wide receivers? Seems to be a season-long issue.


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