Monday, September 24, 2012

Shedding light on the sea of darkness known as a pennant race between the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox

With all that was going on Sunday, I did take a glance at the White Sox and Angels game. The White Sox had the bases loaded. There was one out. It was the first inning against Cy Young candidate Jared Weaver. In was like torture for the White Sox, even though two of their better hitters were due up, Alex Rios and A.J. Pierzynski, It was as if you could sense they weren't going to get hits, or even get a run or two home. They didn't. Rios struck out, and Pierzynski grounded out. No runs scored, and the White Sox eventually lost 4-1. On the road trip to Kansas City and LA, the White Sox either hit solo home runs or they didn't score. The White Sox issues in this area, and I know this is difficult to believe, are even more pronounced than the Tigers. Defensively, the White Sox haven't been stellar, either. In KC, outfielder Daylan Viciedo butchered a ball hit by the Royals Alex Gordon which broke up a close game during the late innings.
So it is difficult to get inspired by a race when two clubs are playing such uninspiring baseball. It does look like the glass is 99 percent empty in both the Motor City and the Windy City, but this is something I do think sheds light on how special it would be, regardless, if the Tigers get into the playoffs for a second straight year. It hasn't happened in Detroit since 1934-35.
And if there was a one-game playoff between the White Sox and Tigers, it would be exciting.
Getting in, even under less than enthralling circumstances, would mean the Tigers have gotten to the point where postseason baseball is their standard rather than an aberration.
The race is going to get dicey this week. The pitching matchups favor the White Sox vs. Cleveland at home the next three days .The Tigers have struggled against the Royals on the road, but it should be different at home, right? The Tigers have won four of their five home games so far this season vs. the Royals.
It starts with Justin Verlander tonight. Considering how the Royals hammered him recently in KC, this is one of the bigger starts of his career. With Chris Sale working for the White Sox tonight against Cleveland, the Tigers need Verlander more than ever.


Blogger Fred Brill said...

Your right, Book, it is hard to imagine that the Sox are as bad.

I was at the first game of the double header yesterday afternoon - after the horrible 6th inning - the only cheers you heard were from the fans leaving the Tigers game to watch the Lions play on Chilli's outdoor big screen TV next door - and then that went south too.

I can only find solace in the fact that if the tides were turned - and the Sox were playing the Tinkies and Tigers playing the Angels - the Tiger's would have taken 2 out of 3. But then so might the Sox over the Twinks. The Tiger's do play up to their competition - and go lethargic when they think they are better than the other team.

That's why I think our Post Season chances can't be judged by regular season play - the Tiger's must be thinking this is still pre-season.

But worst all was p*ssing away $200.00 on taking the family to that wretched game.

Mr. Illitch - I at least deserve a free kingsize with everything.

12:29 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Pat, I watched Chicago on wgn and mlb channel over the weekend and i was appalled by the WS play,and Steve Stone and Ken Harrelson were all over the team, it was like watching the Tiger's but with negative coverage. I am not sure either team wants to win.

3:04 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Two games later - two Tiger wis later and we are tied forr first - but still - it is hard to get the hopes up - the Tigers have been here before - only to watch the opportunity slip away.

But somehow Pat, I think this time's different - if we can just stand pat (pun intended) until Chicago faces Tampa Bay - and that I think is our best opportunity to pull away ...

I just crossed my fingers and toes and I screamed NO JINXIES really loud - so I don't think I spoiled it ... but I can't wait to go to the game tonight!!

12:15 PM 

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