Friday, August 31, 2012

Thoughts halftime, Michigan State, Boise State

- Count me among those who thought MSU QB Andrew Maxwell would play much better tonight than he did during the first half. It seems like he is staring at his intented targets, and rushing some of his passes. His inaccuracy on the intercepotion before the end of the half was flatout the result of an inaccurate throw. Bennie Fowler was wide open on that play. It should have resulted in a touchdown. Boise State is starting to bring more pressure as a result, and it is working.
- This may be Maxwell's first extensive game experience, but this is his fourth year in MSU's program. We'll see if that helps him adjust at halftime. The Spartans will struggle mightily if he performs like this all season. Or Connor Cook will replace him quickly.
- The Spartans' wide receiving corps is getting little separation on its deep patterns vs. Boise State's secondary. It's not a factor that has helped Maxwell.
- You expect William Gholston to get a late hit now and then, but the punter? It happened to MSU punter Mike Sandler, though. That's a new one. Don't know if I have ever seen a punter get flagged for a late hit before, regardless the level
- Great catch by Boise State wide receiver Matt Miller to set up a go-ahead field goal. He is considered the Broncos' best player. After that catch, it's understood why.


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