Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Thoughts on the Tigers' 3-2 loss to the Royals Wednesday

- There is no way to look at today's outing by Joaquin Benoit's and not be concerned. Tigers manager Jim Leyland should strongly consider flipping roles and making Octavio Dotel their primary setup man.

- Justin Verlander is not Super Human, after all,. Last season, he was. But don't forget, even though Verlander posted exceptional numbers by the end of the season, his April numbers were not that impressive. They were just impressive compared to the past when he had struggled mightly in April.

- The Tigers are not hitting, but there reasons for it. They are not taking opposing pitchers deep into the count. Today they had very quality at bats early in the game. They made it easy in Royals' starter Jonathan Sanchez.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danny Worth = 1 hit/8 at bats
Ryan Rayburn = 8 hits/58 at bats, 1 RBI and terrible defensively......doesn't look like Inge was their problem. Time for a new scape goat

4:40 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has not been the team that everyone went "ga-ga" over when Prince was signed. However the schedule has been pretty tough.

Note to the Tigers: you're not going to win games by running out in the game opening and scare teams, you have to get at least a little excited and focused. Leyland has to somehow light a spark. I know, there're a lot of games left but a team's character doesn't change over the season.

Prince looks a bit undisciplined hitting in the American league, however I am pleased with his athletic ability at first base, he's pretty good. His hitting should improve pretty soon as it warms.

6:33 PM 
Blogger Rory Watts said...

I was listening to you last week on the Ticket. There was a caller that wanted to know why Brian Villareal was in the game in the bottom of the 9th against the Yankees with the game tied. The caller wanted to know why Valverde was not used. You answered that typically, the closer is only used in a tie game by the home team in the top of the ninth. That's because the home team assumes it will score the winning run in the bottom of the ninth.

So, how come Benoit was in the game today in the top of the ninth with the game tied instead of Valverde?

6:34 PM 

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