Monday, April 30, 2012

On of Detroit Tigers Delmon Young being suspended by MLB

It was obvious to me it would have been inappropriate for Major League Baseball or the Tigers to let Delmon Young return from the restricted list and just take the field early this week after what reportedly happened during the early hours of Friday in New York.
His suspension is significant - a week. The message is clear - ethnic slurs will not be tolerated by those in the game. Young's reported comments were extremely insensitive toward the Jewish Community. If there was a reasonable investigation into what happened by baseball - and there is no reason to believe there was not - the suspension is appropriate.
The question remains whether the Tigers should release Young. If they did, I would not have an issue with it. His contract is guaranteed and it is totally within the Tigers' right to cut their losses.
I don't think he will be released, however, and I'm OK with that, too. We all know stories about people making the most of so-called "second chances."
It can only be hoped Young learns from his mistakes, one way or another, and addresses any issues necessary involving anger management and alcohol abuse.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I hope the Tigers will keep him as a DH only. If he is not hitting by middle of June, then it is good bye. I hope Tigers put Dirks or Kelly to the test to see if they can handle LF or not. If not, they are some free agents available this winter and probably at the trade deadline. Better yet put both them in the field and let Boesch DH if DY doesn't get hot.

6:14 PM 

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