Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the Lions taking Riley Reiff with their first round choice in NFL Draft

Funny thing about taking an offensive tackle in the first round of the NFL Draft, especially in this town. There are many fans who clamor for the Lions to select one every year. Then, if the Lions actually pick one, it draws a collective shrug. That was the case in 2008 when the Lions selected Gosder Cherilus. It's happened again when they picked Iowa's Riley Reiff 23rd overall Thursday.
Should the Lions have gone for defense with this pick? Not unless they do nothing to augment their secondary in Day 2 today. Trust me, there will be a run on cornerbacks to start today, likely before the Lions pick. It's their biggest need. But Reiff is a very good player, who could have easily gone in the Top 15 of this draft. He can play right tackle - and push Cherilus, whose play has been spotty, and can be groomed to replace left tackle Jeff Backus eventually. There is good value there. It's a solid pick. I think he will contribute significantly this year. The Lions were fortunate they didn't have more significant injuries on their offensive line last season because they were lacking depth there.
You have to let a draft play out. This pick was just the start, and while it doesn't have a lot of "wow" appeal, I thought it was solid. I'd be surprised if Reiff doesn't have a long NFL career.
And he is an offensive tackle from Iowa taken 23rd overall in the draft. It worked out well for the Packers with Bryan Bulaga in 2010, didn't it?


Blogger MCBB Notes said...

An OT in round 1 is not terribly exciting. But how important is the pick going to be when Stafford makes it through another season with minimal damage. Maybe some better holes for the running backs?
Yes, selecting Reiff is not exciting, and God knows the Lions have glaring needs (CB perhaps?). But the need on the O-line is also real, and it's nice to see a draft pick that addresses both a short- and long-term need.

11:30 PM 
Blogger Stonerook said...

It's not sexy, but I think it's a great pick in the long run....

11:37 PM 
Blogger Stonerook said...

Not a sexy 1st round pick but I think it's a great pick in the long run. #IOWA

11:38 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I am very happy with the pick. I thought Lions was going to draft DeCastro because I didn't think Reiff was still on the board. This pick caught me off guard as I tuned in late on the draft, I thought Reiff was already gone.
I think your right for Jenkins to be there at 54th is wishful thinking.

9:05 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solid pick - and everyone had this guy going in the top 15

10:12 AM 

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