Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thoughts after 2 periods Red Wings, Predators

Tough break for the Red Wings, but time had expired off the clock before the puck went in the net. It was the right call.
- That was a classic a Pavel Datysuk goal, one that will be replayed for many years, perhaps even at his Hall of Fame induction. That's what he is best known for right, takeaways and sweet hands? Roman Josi was like hockey's version of somebody getting dunked on by Blake Griffin. Definitely, that goal could prove to be a momentum changer.
- It was almost as if Red Wings' defenseman Brad Stuart didn't expect Predators defenseman Kevin Klein to make that type of move in open ice. Nor did goalie Jimmy Howard expect that type of sniper's shot from him. It was definitely a moment when the Red Wings let their guard down. A costly moment, too.
Klein had 4 goals and was minus 8 for the Preds this season. He is no Bobby Orr, but he looked like it on that play. And, no, he is no relation to the actor, who spells his last name K-L-I-N-E.
- I like Kyle Quincey as a player and do think he will do well for the Red Wings in the future. But since being acquired, he had taken too many unnecessary penalties. The Red Wings were fortunate they didn't go down 3-0 when he put his team in a 5-on-3 penalty kill situation.


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