Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On Tigers calling up Adam Wilk and giving him a start

The depth of the Tigers starting pitching in their minor league system is being tested because Duane Below has already had to do a lot out of the bullpen early this season, Doug Fister is on the disabled list, Jacob Turner ailing and Andrew Oliver and Casey Crosby struggling.
So it's on to Adam Wilk.
Want a comparable for Wilk? Luke French, who did OK for the Tigers for a stint in 2009. He has since pitched more in the major leagues with Seattle with a high ERA and WHIP, but also with some effectiveness at times.
Wilk is a left-hander with below average velocity and no real out pitch for major league hitters. He does command the baseball well, though, displays poise and a good feel for pitching. It would be surprising if walks a lot of hitters like Oliver has during his major league auditions. Wilk's stuff is not as good as that of Below, for example, but he might be able to get the Tigers through four or five innings or so in a start or two, which is all they need at this stage.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, hopefully Wilk and Ward can hold down the fort until a market develops for Garza, Guthrie, Baker or McCarthy.

5:30 PM 
Blogger Larry Baker said...

I agree with your comments but for one caveat: 4 or 5 good inning from Wilk is "all they need", presuming that Smyly can deliver more than that in his role. If Wilk is shaky and Smyly struggles, they seem to be out of in-house options. They don't need an ace, but they need someone who can chew up some innings.

8:55 PM 

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