Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thoughts after first period, Red Wings, Predators

- There are too many penalties being called. The only real one was the hit on Ian White. And that should have been a major. The officiating in the NHL continues to be a joke. Let them play.

- Massively big 5-on-3 penalty kill by the Red Wings. It could change the momentum of the game. Will there be makeup calls for that. So far? it's like the officials are handing this game to the Preds on a platter. The Preds are pretty good. They don't need the help.

- The Red Wings still look confused on the power play. They are moving the puck well enough, but it's like they are passing when they should shoot, and shooting when they pass. Nashville's power play is way more together.

- Jimmy Howard wasn't to blame for the Nashville goal, which was a fluke bounce. It's difficult to gauge Pekka Rinne. The Red Wings haven't tested him. Howard has played well so far

- If Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg aren't more theatening, neither will be the Red Wings in their totality. They are supposed to be among the best players in the world. They need to play like it.


Blogger Barb said...

I agree with your comments! I want to see the Wings tighten up their game. They look scattered to me!

9:03 PM 

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