Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thoughts after two periods Red Wings, Predators

- The Red Wings displayed both will and skill to get back into this game. Henrik Zetterberg played particularly well in the second period, not only scoring the goal, but by carrying the puck and on the penalty kill. Nashville's has the big guns on defense, but their forwards disappeared.

- The referees went from absurd to ridiculous in the second period. The call on Jonthan Ericsson was particularly awful. It's been awful both ways.

- When he was tested, Pekka Rinna didn't exactly look solid in goal for the Predators. Problem is, the Red Wings aren't testing him enough. It's tough, though, to find any flow in this game when it's a constant battle of speciality teams.

- The Red Wings penaly kill has been the first star of this game so far.

- I know the puck was deflected on Nashville's second goal, but Jimmy Howard needed to find a way to stop it. He's played pretty well overall.


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