Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why it's becoming apparent Danny Worth should replace Brandon Inge on Tigers

I believed the Tigers made the right decision by taking Brandon Inge north to begin the season. The reason? Even though he had a poor spring statistically, he did perform well last September as the Tigers raced to the American League Central title, and during the pressure of the postseason vs. the Yankees and the Rangers.
But there can no better evaluation time than a Saturday day-night doubleheader at Comerica Park against the two-time defending American League champion Texas Rangers. Inge made two bad mistakes defensively at second base. He has also struggled mightily at the plate, other han a very big home run at Kansas City last week. He hit one of those early last season, too, but the slump still went on and on.
In truth, the Tigers can't go on for an extended period with Inge in his current role. He doesn't fit it as well as Danny Worth, an ideal utility infielder for the Tigers, who is off to a hot start at Triple-A Toledo (he is hitting .343 with a 1.082 OPS).
Worth would be the Tigers' best second baseman and shortstop defensively. He is probably Inge's equal defensively at third base. Miguel Cabrera is playing adequately at third base defensively, so the need for Inge as insurance there isn't urgent.
The booing of Inge is misguided, but the frustration behind it is understandable. More and more, the handwriting is on the wall regarding Inge. The only way he can change it is to start hitting. And not two weeks from now. Or a month from now. Right now.
Otherwise there is no way the Tigers can justify his place on the team ahead of Worth.


Blogger Chris said...

Becoming apparent? It's been apparent for a long time, Book, but for some reason the Tigers keep giving Brando a chance. Yes, they are on the hook for his salary, but they are also on the hook for Worth's - combined they are paid about $6M. Why they aren't making the smart baseball decision and rolling Inge out there to bat .059 is criminal to the fanbase.

2:00 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I think this has been poorly handled since last year's Toledo assignment.

Inge needs to be released - maybe brought into the office.

This isn't Inge-bashing - this is common sense - and it's mot the first time this organization has had to eat a couple million in contract dollars - remember Sheffield? Inge ain't no Sheff.

I remember the day Inge made the all star team - voted in by fans like me typing crazy codes into voting forms online over and over again - and when he got in, Book - you played the angle that Greanderson deserved it more (which he did).

It's not bashing Inge - it's the fact that the answer seems so easily clear to see and yet this continues on and on and on ...

Give Inge a day of his own - Brandon Inge appreciation day - let him stand on homeplate with a microphone and say "Thanks Detroit - you've all been swell" ... and be done.

12:32 PM 
Blogger Al said...

Time to cut the cord. Santiago and Worth should platoon at second. Raburn and Dirks should platoon at DH until Raburn starts hitting.

Inge reminds me of an old punch drunk fighter who can no longer catch up to his opponent to hit him and is too slow to get out of the way. Sad.

8:36 PM 

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