Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why the Broncos should not trade Tim Tebow

Signing Peyton Manning was a wise move by the Denver Broncos. They have a strong defense, a solid offensive line and a good running game. Manning should thrive - if he is healthy. He could very well take the Broncos to the Super Bowl.
But given the seriousness of his neck injury, that remains "iffy."
If he is a reasonable facsimile of what he has been with the Colts for many years, Manning will thrive. But if he can't be, Tim Tebow is not a bad insurance policy. He is also not costly. He is making less than $2 million this year, and has three years remaining on a reasonable rookie contract. He was a first-round draft pick, who won a playoff game as a starter last season. Where he is going to go as a starter? And please, it can't be Jacksonville, unless the ownership and management of that franchise has totally lost their collective minds. Tebow does not have close to the upside Blaine Gabbert does.
But there is potential there with Tebow, despite the rough edges. Given more time to develop, especially under Manning, Tebow could eventually become a better QB than if he were playing regularly this season.
The only way the Broncos should justify trading Tebow is for a first-round pick. And I don't see that happening.
Forget the quarterback controversy. There is none if Manning is healthy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that's why you're a sport writer working for a mid-major paper, and not in an NFL front office.

1:55 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat there is no way Tebow would have ever went for a first round pick. Are you kidding me? I was surprised they even got a 4th round pick. Although the fact that Denver has to pay 2.5 million makes the 4th rounder more reasonable. I would have traded him in a second. His obsessive fans will be all over the place with their signs the minute Manning loses..even though its freaking PEYTON MANNING. Not that it would matter but I am sure they don't want that annoyance hanging around. Not to mention Elway is so relieved to finally be back to likely having a real quarterback playing normal football and not fluky random football. But I have to say I think the Jets made a bad choice. Poor Drew Stanton.

10:41 AM 

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