Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just a thought if you are looking for a basketball fix tonight...

I hear people constantly and legitimately lament about the prices for live sporting events in the Detroit area. Guess it is the cost of being a major league city. You pay big league prices.
There some options, though. OHL hockey with the Whalers out in Plymouth. Another is mid-major college basketball. Detroit and Oakland basketball. Tonight, with the Pistons and the Red Wings off and no NCAA tournament games, Oakland plays Rice in the College.Insider.com Tournament. Oakland has won a couple games in the tournament already, but this might be the Golden Grizzlies last home game in the event. Reggie Hamilton, Oakland's point guard, led the nation in scoring this season. He could be playing his final home game. The tickets are reasonably priced. Just $7. Less than the cost of a movie. Also, Rice is coached by Ben Braun, who took Eastern Michigan to the Sweet 16 one year, and who also had a long stint at Cal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While you have a press pass and get in free, you forgot about the obvious option for regular fans. Watch it on TV. Save on time, travel, parking, tickets,and concessions for grossly overpriced lousy food and watered down beer. Whether it's at home or in a sports bar, everything is better and much cheaper. In a stadium or an arena, you're stuck with one thing to view. Sports bars might have 20 big screens going at the same time. At home, it's a matter of channel surfing. If the event can't find it's way into 900+ channels on the tube, then it wasn't worth watching anyway.

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