Monday, March 19, 2012

Why it's ridiculous to believe Miguel Cabrera is more prone to injury at third base than first base

I honestly don't have any idea how well Miguel Cabrera at third base is going to work out for the Tigers in the long run.
It's impossible to gauge in spring training. The fields are hard and sun baked. The regulars often don't play. Cabrera has has weight issues. Will he be able to keep the weight off once the season starts and it becomes "baseball nights" (late nighst, long trips, a scattered schedule when it is more difficult to maintain eating and workout habits).
I do know this, his risk for injury is no greater at third than it would be at first base. That doesn't change just because he took a bad-hop grounder off his face in an exhibition game. If anything, a first baseman is more prone to injury than a third baseman because of potential collisions or being spiked.
Another thing: Reflexes are the least of Cabrera's problems. His are extraordinary. He woudn't be able to hit like he does if they weren't. His "if" factors involve mobility, and don't put him more at risk for injury. HERE IS A REPLAY OF OUR LIVE CHAT TODAY ON MSU, Michigan, MARCH MADNESS, TIGERS, LIONS FREE AGENCY AND PEYTON MANNING:

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Blogger Farris Khan said...

Sorry Pat,

You must have not "played the game" ;) But I figured that since you covered the game for eleventy billion years, you would know this.

3rd base is the most dangerous position on the field because you have to move forward anticipating a sacrifice bunt while batters are fully swinging. At first, you have to cover first and stay nearer the bag leaving you much more time to react.

Also right handed hitter outnumber left handed hitters by a wide margin, so the 3rd baseman gets more chances... almost all of which involve a field, then a throw (two chances to get hurt).

Finally, you have "spikes up" base runners barreling in right at your thigh v. home to first runners that are that are sprinting right past you (unless you are Carlos Guillen circa 2008).

3:44 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Farris - you must have been a 3 bagger to state 3rd is the most dangerous - ask Avila about catching - equipment or none - each position has it's uniqueties.

But the fact of the matter is that Miggy isn't a china doll - and a bad hop to the face can happen anywhere.

Consider this to be part of Miggy's spring training conditioning!

12:24 PM 

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