Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thoughts halftime Michigan State, St. Louis

St. Louis has been successful in slowing down the tempo and making this an ugly game. It's why it is reasonably close. Conversely, the Spartans have done a good job of being patient. In fact, the Spartans have been better than St. Louis in that regard. Overall, a good first half by MSU. It could have been a lot worse.

- The Spartans must take better care of the ball. State has had too many turnovers. Nine? Come on?

- The only way St. Louis will ultimately keep this game close is by hitting 3-point shots. Otherwise, Michigan State will pull away in the second half. Shot selection by St. Louis so far has been questionable. Michigan State deserves a lot of the credit for that defensively. The Spartans are very difficult to shoot against, and are playing typically strong defense.

- If the Spartans manage to get a bigger lead, it will be extremely difficult for the St. Louis to rally. The Billikens are like a football team without an effective passer. It will make the first five minutes of the second half exceptionally important. State is capable of adjusting at halftime and making an early run.


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