Saturday, February 25, 2012

How the Tigers compare to other top American League contenders


Blogger Barry said...

Pat I think the Tigers are #3 in the AL. I think they are ahead of the Yanks, Angels and Rangers but just barely. If Boston can get a good pitcher throughout the year I think they are the team to beat. If Tampa can pick up a solid hitter
with their starting pitching they are up there too. Great to watch these teams beat the heck out of each other during the season.

12:10 AM 
Anonymous woody said...

i'm most looking forward to those Angel-Tiger games this season. the Verlander no-hit bid bunt by Aybar, the Weaver add Fielder and Pujols to the mix. those games should be electric.

6:50 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Writer for Sporting News agrees with Barry --- if memory serves me, Tigs 3rd, Angels 1st, Yanks 5th. Rangers also high. Phils 6th overall but favored to go to WS from NL.

Over-under for Tiger's total wins is 96.

I'm surprised the Yanks aren't getting higher rankings with the starting pitching additions over the winter but writer claims that their offensive hitting is getting old and stale.

9:05 AM 

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