Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughts on the Red Wings loss to the Canucks

- I know it is a cliche, but it was a wake up call for the Red Wings. They faced some tough games during their NHL-record 23-game home winning streak, but the Canucks were by far the best team to come to Joe Louis Arena. They not only match the Red Wings skill, but they may surpass it. It should have been a 6- or 7-3 game. The only reason the Red Wings were even in it was because of the Helm-Abdelkader-Miller line (The HAM line) and Jimmy Howard. The Red Wings must tighten up defensively considerably if they are to beat Vancouver in the playoffs.

- Johan Franzen's inconsistency is maddening. He played poorly Thursday. One shot on goal and minus-3 for the Red Wings' top goal scorer. Not good.

- The icing call that set up the game-tying goal was weak. There was no actual effort to play the puck. Only the illusion.

- The Sedins went nuts without Pavel Datsyuk around to contain them. Not a coincidence.

- Alex Burrows "snapping the streak" gesture with his stick after scoring the winner in the shootout was incredibly bush.


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