Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thoughts at halftime, Lions, Packers

- All the things a team needs to avoid in order to win a football game, the Lions are experiencing. Penalties. Turnovers. Missed FG. Their defense has been good, though.

- I'm surprised this game is as low-scoring as it is, but both offenses are shooting themselves in the foot with penalties.

- Matthew Stafford has better athleticism than he is sometimes given credit for. He's become a better scrambler and more effective throwing on the run. There is no excuse, however, for how careless he is on passes to the flat deep in Lions territory at times.

- The Packers are double-teamming Ndamukong Suh on every pass play. And I mean every pass play. It should open others on the defensive line for sacks. Hasn't so far.

- The Packers are going to be prone to penalties in this game because their offensive line struggles with the quickness of the Lions defensive line.

- Don't know what issues cornerback Eric Wright developed in Cleveland, but there is no way the Browns are a better team without him. Certainly, he's been a huge factor in the improvement of the Lions' secondary. That will be especially true if Chris Houston's injury is significant.


Blogger cbt6ian said...

the refs have been terrible too...for both teams!

2:00 PM 

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