Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thoughts after 1 quarter, Lions, Panthers

- It's difficult to believe Matthew Stafford's finger isn't a problem. The gloves obviously make a difference. The results the last two games speak for themselves. Stafford has become a turnover machine.

- This game couldn't have started out worse for the Lions. The Panthers are not a very good team, but the Lions are giving them confidence.

- If this were the Packers on Thanksgiving Day, the Lions would be down 21-0 already.

- I'm surprised the running game isn't better for the Lions.

- Kevin Smith looked really good on that pass play. Lions would be wise to get him the ball more often.

- The unnecessary roughness penalty on Stafford was a joke. He was still in bounds. The NFL is becoming laughable when it comes to such plays.


Anonymous Michael C said...

Pat, something I've been thinking about all year, but confirmed again today. The Lions should sign another kicker for kickoffs.

With the new rules, other teams are REGULARLY kicking deep enough to not allow Logan a return. Meanwhile we hardly ever kick deep enough to not allow returns, and our special team is struggling so bad at stopping them.

The easiest fix for this is just to sign one guy that can regularly kick the ball into the back of the end zone. Taking up an extra roster spot for an extra kicker would be worth shutting down the kick return game of our opponents.

1:54 PM 

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