Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thoughts at halftime, Lions, Panthers

Although the Lions have dug themselves a serious hole, this is still a game they can rally from behind and win. The Panthers have a fragile collective psyche. But so, evidently, do the Lions. As bad as that half was, allowing it to end on a Carolina field goal after scoring a touchdown ranked among its worst parts for the Lions.

- There are certain things bad football teams do. The Lions have done them in the last game and a half. They have turned the ball over at an alarming rate and they have had serious special teams coverage breakdowns. The Lions cannot possibly win consistently like this. It's like a flashback to two and three years ago.

- The defensive line is not playing well today, particularly the ends. Kyle Vanden Bosch seldom makes plays in the running game. And it has nothing to do with contain responsibilty. He just overruns some plays.

- Where is Ndamukong Suh? The Panthers have effectively taken him out of the game so far.


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