Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting to the first-ever Big Ten title game has its drawbacks for Michigan State

Michigan State, seemingly, is in a great spot: One game remaining, yet its position in the first-ever Big Ten title game secure.
However, there seem to be as many drawbacks as benefits from getting into the conference title game that are working on the collective mind of the Spartans faithful.
Michigan is suddenly lurking. The Spartans resounding win over Michigan wasn't that long ago, but it does seem like a distant memory after the Wolverines surprisingly manhandled Nebraska Saturday.
Michigan has a good chance of beating Ohio State this week. State has to win at Northwestern, and the Spartans should, but if they don't, and Michigan does down OSU, all of a sudden the Wolverines would jump the Spartans in the polls and undoubtedly in the minds of bowl reps. And, if Michigan beats the Buckeyes, and Michigan State, even if it should win at Northwestern, loses in the Big Ten title game, the Wolverines would benefit.
State would have one more loss. The Spartans will play either Wisconsin, which it beat on a miracle play at home, or Penn State, which would, unfortunately, cast a shadow over the game because of recent scandal.
Penn State plays at Wisconsin Saturday to determine the other spot in the Big Ten title game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Caputo.

You should be on the BCS committee or better yet, be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmer for the BCS.

My God, this comment was, how do you say it? "Vas an intresstin crazee?"

6:13 PM 
Blogger LoisH99 said...

Plain and simple, "If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best." If MSU is not interested then let someone in to play.


7:53 PM 

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