Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thoughts at halftime, Lions, Bears

- By current NFL standards, Bears safety Chris Conte should be suspended for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Lions running back Maurice Morris. It was a completely unnecessary shot and reckless. It's amazing, and wrong, Conte wasn't penalized for it. Can you imagine if Ndamukong Suh had done that? It'll be interesting to see if Suh will get into any trouble for ripping Jay Cutler's helmet off. He did nothing wrong with that play.

- The Lions defense was playing pretty well until the last drive of the half. That was brutal. They were very fortunate the Bears missed the field goal. The offense has been poor. The special teams have been worse.

- Anybody wish Nick Harris was still the Lions' punter?

- Matthew Stafford has been like a baseball pitcher without consistent command in this game, although he did throw the ball much more accurately late in the half.

- When it comes to Devin Hester, just kick the ball out of bounds. The guy's playing hurt, and the Lions are still helpless to stop him. Big difference between Hester and Stefan Logan, or any other kick/punter returner.

- The turf at Soldier Field is worst than an overused tee at driving range.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

S.O.L. (Same old Lions).....not the team but rather the coaching. This is coming from a diehard fan but enough already.....kicking to Hester twice.....letting Stafford wear the Bear offense a basic prevent defense to move the ball down field freely before the ability to defend the run.......all we need now is some poor clock mgt............

6:40 PM 

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